Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonderland is coming . . .

We are in full preparation mode as we countdown to Avery in Wonderland. This being Avery's first birthday, it MUST be a day of magic and fun. Though she won't remember it, it will be a very special memory for mommy and daddy and who knows Jackson may even remember it too! If not, there will be beautiful pictures to view for years to come.

Here are some teaser pictures that I took of her yesterday in her custom made (or should I say couture) party dress. I didn't want to show the dress in its entirety until the day of the party, so stay tuned for the birthday bash post. Until then, you can salivate over the girly pinks, lace, feathers, and sparkles.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Find

On the drive to Florida, we always pass this small country store, and we say to each other, one day we should stop there. We didn't notice the name of the store (Jackson's Country Store) until the recent trip we just took, so we decided that on the way back to Georgia, we HAD to stop. The store just kind of pops up out of nowhere on the drive. On the way home, we accidentally passed it, so we had to turn around. It was worth turning around though. It was a treasure trove of vintage nick knacks, signs, and gas pumps. The colors and imagery were fun and eye catching, you had to be sure to look everywhere, or you were sure to miss something great. If you're ever in the Dozier, Alabama area be sure to stop by.

Jackson's Country Store
16445 Opp Highway
Dozier, AL 36028

Family Vacation

Our family recently took a small vacation back to our hometown (Destin, FL). We are so glad we went when we did, because the weather was absolutely beautiful. We got to stay in my parents condo, so we were right on the beach. The kids loved floating in the Gulf of Mexico and when they got tired of the sand, we just headed up to the pool. I don't think we got out of our bathing suits other than to go out to dinner. Here are some pics from our trip:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Featured on Teacake Martini

This week Chikadeez Photography was featured on a great new blog Teacake Martini. The blog features a new item each day, each one fabulous in its own right. Be sure to check out our feature here.