Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Find

On the drive to Florida, we always pass this small country store, and we say to each other, one day we should stop there. We didn't notice the name of the store (Jackson's Country Store) until the recent trip we just took, so we decided that on the way back to Georgia, we HAD to stop. The store just kind of pops up out of nowhere on the drive. On the way home, we accidentally passed it, so we had to turn around. It was worth turning around though. It was a treasure trove of vintage nick knacks, signs, and gas pumps. The colors and imagery were fun and eye catching, you had to be sure to look everywhere, or you were sure to miss something great. If you're ever in the Dozier, Alabama area be sure to stop by.

Jackson's Country Store
16445 Opp Highway
Dozier, AL 36028

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