Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beautiful Handmade Journals

Like many people I love the Etsy community. You can find anything your heart desires on that site. I love that when I buy something from one of the Etsy sellers, I don't have to worry about seeing other people with the same thing. Not only are you getting unique items when you shop on Etsy, but you are helping out entrepreneurs that love their craft. I know that when I buy something on Etsy, the item that I purchased was carefully thought out and made with love. It wasn't made in some other country in a sweatshop, and some big machine that churns out 30 pieces per minute didn’t make it.

My latest find on Etsy was a cute handmade journal that had sheet music on the front and back covers. Being a profound music lover, I was immediately drawn to it. I decided to get one to use as my inspirational journal. I always keep a journal on my bedside table . . . you never know when you'll have a creative idea that's worth jotting down. There have been many a night when I've woken up with an idea and quickly scribbled it (half asleep) in my journal. Now not all of them are great, but some have turned into really wonderful things.

Visit JournalisticTendency to see more journals like this on Etsy.

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