Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trash the Dress Photo Shoot Part 2

Well, the trash the dress shoot went great! We didn't get to do all of the places/ideas that we had lined up, but it still turned out wonderfully. It was a very long/tiring day, we met up at 9:30 and didn't finish shooting until 5:30pm. The shoot spanned consisted of 3 locations all around Atlanta.

We started the day off at a local body shop that specializes in restoration of old cars. There we took pictures of the bride with her mom's Stingray Corvette. They pulled the car off in to a gravel parking area, which was a great setting for the pictures. There were mounds of broken pieces of asphalt, gravel, and clay. Then right behind the mounds were some woods that weren't too dense. We basically got 3 settings in one there.

The next stop on our list was a bowling alley located in the heart of midtown. This bowling alley had a great retro motif that lended itself nicely to the look we were going for. There the bride wore bowling shoes and took a shot at bowling in her dress. She got comfy by trading the bowling shoes for a pair of brown and pink "Chuck Ts," sipped a beer and ate a chili dog!

We ended the day at Sope Creek, where we really got down and dirty! There was a really cool rock structure that had water coming through it then flowing into the creek. There were all sorts of cool spots to shimmy in to for great pictures. At the end of it all, she put on her red and white polka dot rain boots and hopped in the creek. We placed her just right so that the train of her dress was flowing down a fall in the creek. That's probably one of my favorite shots of the day!

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