Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally I Have Arrived

After years of hearing about how the Internet world had shifted to blogging, I have finally decided to take the plunge. I'm going to use this first posting as an introduction. A couple of years ago, I opened up a marketing boutique with two other creative women. We refer to ourselves as the three creative chikadeez. Although the business is geared towards marketing, hence the name Chikadeez Marketing, photography is a BIG part of the advertising industry. After all, imagery can make or break an entire ad campaign. Yes, concept and copy are a HUGE part too, but you must have all three components to have a successful piece.

Photography has always intrigued me. Out of all the components of a picture, I'm most interested in the lighting and composition. By making a slight change in where a shadow lands and a slight change in how some one is positioned, you can turn a "Plain Jane" picture in to an absolutely stunning shot.

I have recently branched out to the other areas of photography offering more than just product shots. I now offer head shots, portraits, family portraits, newborn photography, bridal portraits, and engagement photography.

This blog will have posts that touch on the subjects of photography, marketing, and anything else that is creative and catches my eye.

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