Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pet Photography

The culture of America has become loyal pet lovers. In fact some of us don't even refer to them as pets; they are now our "babies." Clients are now including the furry family members in the family portraits; Christmas card photos are no longer complete without them.

As a HUGE animal lover, I truly enjoy photographing pets of all shapes and sizes. Animals are such sweet creatures that know the true meaning of unconditional love. One thing I have noticed is that to capture the animal’s personality, you must be patient. Just keep snapping pictures and you’ll definitely get some great shots that are sure to please.

It’s best to photograph animals in their natural environments, where they are most comfortable. If shooting inside, I prefer to be near a window. I find that natural lighting is the most complementary. If it is dark and I need to use a flash, I aim the flash up towards the ceiling. This method allows the light to bounce off the ceiling and that provides a more natural lighting effect.

Outdoor shoots can be much more interesting and fun . . . for both you and the animal. You can get shots of the animal playing, investigating, bonding with their human, or just relaxing under a big tree.

No matter how you do it, just have fun and enjoy working with the sweetest clients ever!


Stephanie Lee said...

That's my Greta Belle! She's such a natural in front of the camera (or maybe it was the awesome photographer!)

chikadeez said...

Haha, I just saw your comment! Thank you so much!